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    Auto-track your bills and expenses

    Track bills and recurring expenses effortlessly with our 🆓 app that automatically detects and recognizes payments, subscriptions, and hidden expenses. Simply log in and let us handle the rest - no manual input needed. 💁‍♀️💰💳
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    Find Share Your Costs with Friends in Just One Click!

    With our platform, you can easily split and share expenses with your friends in just one click! 🤝💰 Whether it's splitting the cost of dinner, sharing rent, or splitting a group gift, we make it easy and hassle-free. Simply add your friends to the expense, and our platform will automatically split the amount equally. Plus, you can keep track of all shared expenses in one place for easy reference. 📊💻 So what are you waiting for? Start sharing your expenses with ease and make your life simpler with our platform! 🚀💸
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    Get the Best Deals and Earn Rewards!

    💸 Save money effortlessly with Subspace! Our platform's Negotiate API automatically negotiates prices with brands to get you the best discounts, while our Super Search feature recommends the best products, saving you both time and money. Plus, our services are completely free, and loyal users can earn rewards for using our platform. 🤑 So why wait? Start saving and earning rewards today with Subspace! 🚀
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    Secure, Fast and Reliable

    At SubSpace, your payment security is our top priority. 🔒 We collaborate with industry-leading partners to protect your data at every step. Our platform is built with 256-bit encryption to safeguard your sensitive information. 🛡️ Plus, we've partnered with top banks and payment services to ensure your transactions are secure from start to finish. 💳✅ Trust SubSpace to keep your payments safe and secure every time. 🤝

People 💖 Subspace

No need to take our word for it ! Here are just a few of our reviews from Playstore.
  • Aman Singh
    Best app for purchasing subscriptions at the cheapest rates. You won't find better deals than on this app. Easy to use, simple and clean UI, and easy to manage. One-stop solution for your OTT and other app-paid subscription requirements. Support from their end is the best you can expect from them. Go for it without hesitation.
  • Jatin Singh
    As I was scrolling through playstore I saw this app called subspace: Split subscription. My eyes lit up and i quickly installed it. After a little hesitation i bought a subscription. It is really working fine. App interface is great. Great work by the IITians..
  • Aditya Jain
    Best app for sharing accounts. I searched for such an app for a long time and finally got it. Their customer service is the best, quick reply and fix.
  • Pushkar Kumar
    Unique and best initiative. Falling short of words to Praise. I am sure this app will be super popular, and this company may be a unicorn. Please maintain the core at that time also. Area of improvement - Make sure fake accounts and subscribers do not spam such a good app. We need to ensure the protection of identity for both parties. Add support for many subscriptions - google one, drive, etc.

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